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How do I setup an email account in Outlook on my PC
Launch Outlook and then click on the File menu.
Click the Add Account button (located just below the Account Information heading).
On the Add New Account dialog, select the Manually configure server settings option (located at the bottom of the dialog box).
Click the Next button. Keep the default option, Internet E-mail , selected and then click the Next button to continue.
  1. Your Name: Enter your name as you want it to appear on messages that you send; e.g., "John Doe".
  2. E-mail Address: Enter your e-mail address (specified when you set up your e-mail box; e.g., "".
  3. Account Type: Select the e-mail protocol that you will be using (IMAP or POP3).
    Note: If you plan on using multiple e-mail clients/devices to access your e-mail account, we strongly advise that you use IMAP . IMAP helps keep mail boxes synchronized and allows proper use of hybrid Webmail/e-mail client/device setups.
  4. Incoming mail server: Enter the server hostname; e.g., (your domain name)
  5. Outgoing mail server ( SMTP ): Enter the server hostname; e.g.,
    The incoming/outgoing mail server information is provided in the "Welcome" e-mail that was sent to you when your service was activated. If you cannot locate this information, contact .
Logon Information User Name: Your full email addressPassword: Your Password If you do not want to have to enter your logon information each time that you launch Outlook, select the Remember password check box.
If you selected the POP3 protocol, you will have the option to specify which Data File that new messages will be delivered to (either a new file or an existing file). Select the desired option. For more information about Data Files, refer to the Microsoft Outlook documentation. Click the More Settingsā€¦ button. Click on the Outgoing Server tab and then click the check box next to My outgoing server ( SMTP ) requires authentication . Once you have selected this option, the corresponding options become enabled** If you are having trouble sending from a hotel or restaurant, click on advanced and change your outgoing port to 587 **Click OK and Finish, Outlook should now be setup.
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