Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup a Vacation Message
Open up an Internet Browser
In the address bar, type in your "Webmail address" (example
Login with your email address and password
At the bottom of the next screen, there will be an "Responder Button" button.
Click the "Add Auto Responder" button

Character Set: Leave alone
Interval: The number of hours between emailing the same person
Email: Leave alone
From: Your Name
Subject: (Example) I am out of the office
HTML: If you want to use HTML characters, like bolding <b>bold</b>, Italics <i>italics</i>, line brakes <br>
Body: fill out your message
Start: Immediately or set a time / date to start
Stop: Never or set a time / date to stop

Click the Create / Modify button and you will be finished.

 Last updated Wed, Jun 18 2014 11:00pm

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